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Zagosa Compare

Zagosa Compare is a cutting-edge website where spa and hot tub product are aggregated and their prices compared across multiple online stores by potential customers in order to make the best buying decisions and saving money in the process. This offers customers a one-stop shop to make spa and hot tub related purchases from their favourite stores and suppliers. The comparison grid compares prices across 6 or more online stores and primarily targets customers in the United Kingdom. There are features such as price change history and price update notifications to alert customers.

  • Project:Zagosa Compare
  • Purpose:Comparison Website
  • Launched: April 2022
  • Market:United Kingdom
  • Sector:Spa & Hot Tubs

Core Features

Price Comparison

Compare prices of spa and hot tub products across multiple online stores and make the best purchase decision.

Comparison Grid

View prices from multiple stores on the comparison grid which enables you to see varying prices across the board.

Price History Graph

Learn how the prices of your spa and hot tub products have changed over a period of time which helps you to plan.

Price Update Alert

Set a price update alarm that notifies you once there is a price change that offers you a great purchase discount.

Best Buy Link

Use the integrated 'Best Buy' link to navigate to the website of the online store offering the particular product.

Best Price Analysis

Get real-time analysis of the product comparison across different stores and stay informed with top pricing trends.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. You can have your online store's spa and hot tub products listed on Zagosa Compare for comparison with similar items from other sellers. You will need to contact us at hello@zagosa.com for more information.

Once your products have been listed on Zagosa Compare, the updates will be done automatically with our advance pricing update system as soon as there is an update on your online store. This takes place almost immediately.

Zagosa Compare is a comparison website which allows potential buyers to see how your products fair, in terms of pricing, with other similar items. Purchases will still be made on your store as customers will be redirected there.

Yes. You can advertise your products on Zagosa Compare by simply buying any of the advert block you are interested in by clicking the banner. We will get back to you within 24 hours as soon as your order is received.