Multifaceted Business Building Bespoke Websites For Daily Use.

The Zagosa Brand builds awesome applications for daily use ranging from auction websites to price comparison platforms and much more.

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From inception, Zagosa has always been about offering users of its web applications a seamless and innovative technology to manage the mundane chores of life such as hiring a handyman, comparing product prices or something as simple as buying your favourite grocery item at the best price. We know the 'little' things matter the most to you when you consider the cost of living versus your household's disposable income.

Without making technology use complex, we have identified the priority you place on simplicity and efficiency which guides our planning and execution of any application development process. We aim to bring our ideas in the form of software applications straight to your devices in order to make your purchases a bliss, improve your buying decision and also saving you money while at it. Join us on this technological revolution!

  • We offer great user-experience and interface.
  • We help ease the decision-making conundrum.
  • We build applications you love to use always.
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What We Offer


Bespoke Designs

Our designs are tailor-made to meet the customer's expectations while delivering top-notch software applications to ease the user's onboarding and experience.

Seamless Integrations

With the integration and convergence of the multiple modules working within the same software application, we make this as seamless as possible for all our users.

User-friendly Apps

The essence of any software development is to bridge the gap between the needs of our customers and solutions on offer while making these easily accessible to them.

Pragmatic Approach

We take the necessary approach needed to arrive at a customer-oriented solution which will always be the hallmark of any of our project development undertakings.

Cutting-edge Technology

With available cutting-edge technology we are able to deliver the right solution at the right time while focusing on the right audience which makes our apps unique.


We are always focused on offering you solutions that make the difference rather than developing applications just for the sake of it without understanding clients.

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We met years ago at an advertising agency where we learned a ton of dos and some don’ts.

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