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Zagosa Distribution

Zagosa Distribution is your first choice in Warehousing, Distribution, Freight and Fulfilment global partner based in the United Kingdom and operating internationally with an extensive logistics reach. With our vast experience in offering clients top-notch delivery services, you can count on us to always offer you fast and reliable courier services within and outside the United Kingdom. We offer land, ocean, air and rail services with the professionalism of our staff to help support your business requirements which will be tailor-made to meet every need of yours.

  • Project:Zagosa Distribution
  • Purpose:Warehousing And Distribution
  • Launched:September 2022
  • Market:United Kingdom
  • Sector:Logistics Services

Core Services


Your goods need efficient warehousing and logistics professionals to help store and manage these before being transported to their various destinations country-wide.


We help reduce your business overhead and logistic requirements by managing your distribution effectively with our years of experience in the industry and manpower.

Land Freight

We hire professionally skilled drivers with years of quality experience in logistics, distribution and fulfilment requirements to operate our land freight division.

Air Freight

Take advantage of our air freight delivery services and have your parcels safely delivered to various destinations across the globe in record time while you do business.

Ocean Freight

At Zagosa Distribution, size and weight are no problems for us as we help you manage the logistics of transporting heavy duty goods and equipment with no incidents.

Rail Freight

As experts in the movement of high grade chemicals and machinery, we consider it important for your business to have the professionals move them from one location to the next.